What Juniors Should Be Doing Right Now!

Ah, Springtime...the weather is warming up, flowers are coming into bloom. Spring Break, prom, and graduation dot the calendar. But, for many these highlights are overshadowed by AP Exams, ACTs and SATs, PARCC testing, and the growing anxiety of the college admissions process. Fear not, we've added some ideas for our juniors out there to stay on track as they navigate this process. Searching for the right fit college should be a fun, exciting, rewarding experience and if you stay on track, it will be! So what to do now:

  • Identify your wants and needs when it comes to your college search. The real goal at this point is understand what it will take for you to be both happy and successful in college and build your list of schools around your list of wants and needs.

  • Visit schools that interest you or schools that might offer the things you have identified. Think academic and social offerings, the location and setting of the school, the size and spirit of the student body. Plan to visit a couple more over the summer.

  • Finalize a challenging yet balanced senior year schedule. Now is not the time to over (or under) extend yourself. Striking a balance is key, talk to your counselor, teachers, and parents about the courses you're considering.

  • Sit for your tests confidently; do some prep work, understand both the content and the style of the tests you're sitting for (AP, ACT, SAT, SAT Subject Tests).

  • Create your summer plan. Summer does not need to be all work, work, work, work, work (yes cheesy Rihanna reference here) but it also shouldn't be all play, play, play, play, play. Strike a balance have some fun, recharge, but know that this is also an opportunity to display some depth to your activities and experiences. For some this will mean attending a summer program while for others it might mean spending some more time volunteering with a local organization.

Most importantly, take a deep breath and understand that if you plan thoughtfully you will undoubtedly be ready as you move into your senior year!