We know the college process is to blame for more than a few palpitations and panic attacks. 

At Coastal, we bring complete clarity to the college process.

We strive to make the journey into higher education an enjoyable experience for our students and their families.

Through years of field experience, we've found that a collaborative approach works best. The college process is, after all, a team effort. We stress the fact that it is important to hear the opinions, thoughts, and voices of all parties involved. Our process begins with our students: we subscribe to a student-centered approach that fosters accountability and independence. We also aid and inform the student's "team" throughout the process: we welcome the active involvement of parents, counselors, teachers, and coaches. The way we see it, any and all who have a vested interest in the success of our students should be heard.

Our process is fully customized to meet each of our student's needs.  We fully recognize the fact that all of our students are infinitely complex and infinitely individual, all with different ambitions, goals, and dreams. We have made it our mission to create a process by which each and every one of our students can reach their maximum potential and find happiness and success throughout college and beyond.