Counselors, not consultants; working with students, not clients. Our goal is to keep students and parents calm while guiding them through the college search, application, and selection process.


First and foremost we are counselors who pride ourselves on supporting students and families throughout the college search, application, and selection process. It is our firm belief that students are best served when they learn how to help themselves and thus we put our students in the driver’s seat. We give our students the tools necessary to not only understand this process but to succeed in life moving forward.


We calm the search and application process down.  Through the increasingly unnerving college process it is sometimes difficult to maintain our sanity.  At Coastal we believe that with information, a well thought out plan, and open communication we can create a calm process AND enjoyable experience.

A collaborative approach works best.  We see the college process as a team effort and in that vein we stress the fact that it is important for a number of opinions, thoughts, and voices must be heard.  This process begins with our students as we follow a student-centered approach to the process but while our students are in the drivers seat, the rest of us are there to help navigate and question throughout.  This includes parents, counselors, teachers, and coaches who all have a vested interest in the success of our students.

Our process is fully customized to each of our student's needs.  We recognize the fact that all of our students are different learners with different goals for both college and beyond.  We have made it our mission to create a process by which each and every one of our students can reach their maximum potential and find happiness and success in college and in life.